Borland Silk products

The Borland Silk Portfolio of software testing tools addresses every challenge across the testing segment of the software delivery lifecycle. Built for every user in the software development ecosystem, Borland Silk ensures that products get to market faster and deliver higher quality.

The expectations of commercial software consumers is high. They now often expect sub-second response times, out-of-the-box applications that work flawlessly, and new products every 3 months. With an ever-expanding number of platforms, browsers, mobile devices and operating systems, it’s easy to see why software testing teams are under such pressure - and why it’s tempting to compromise on the testing process.

Borland recognizes that building quality into a release early in the process helps avoid problems further down the line. Organizations must drive testing to validate business requirements and provide traceability back to them, to ensure that software meets business needs.

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What is Software Testing

Software testing is the process of validating software quality and requirements delivery through verification of explicit criteria. Test execution is manual or automated.

What sets Borland apart from other software testing solutions?
Borland's software testing brings requirements and tests together to enable your organization to prioritize testing according to the business need. This means you can resolve defects quickly, and validate earlier and more frequently.

About Micro Focus

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