Revolution Development Asia (RevDev Asia) provides sophisticated and diverse IT solutions for business intelligence, compliance (risk, SHEQ, ISO), integration and more. As such we are a complete IT Partner with focus on delivery and long-term client relationships.

Based in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, we are perfectly situated for Mongolian IT Solution Provision. In order to deliver a world-class service we have developed strong relationships with many of the world’s leading ICT suppliers. We also have a strong understanding of emerging markets with vast experience in South African and Australian markets. Working with RevDev Asia means working together to identify the best possible solutions that use the best information, software, and technology. Every solution is similar, but each has their own unique characteristics. Every solution starts and ends with the same questions. Why do we need it? What will it do? How will we do it? RevDev Asia will work with you to answer these questions and implement the best possible solution for your needs.

Business Intelligence

RevDev Asia offers the worlds most comprehensive BI Provider - perfectly suited for companies of any shape or size. Business Intelligence has been proven to enable businesses to outperform competitors, achieve accelerated growth and identify opportunities - find out more here!

Compliance Solutions

Our compliance solutions are utilised by multi-national mines in Australia and South Africa and are built on best practice. The solution assists businesses to gather, manage and share relevant SHERQ information and report on performance in line with specific requirements. Find out more here!


Software Quality & Performance

software quality

Revolution Development uses Micro Focus Borland software quality tools to improve the quality and delivery of software. The solutions ranges from requirements definition and management, change management and testing excellence, development and testing, and enable developers to align business priorities and quality expectations with project requirements. Find out more here!

Other Services...

RevDev Asia is striving to be a complete IT Services provider, and provides a diverse array of solutions including Complete MVC (Mine Value Chain) Solutions, Business Intelligence, ERP, Integration, Hosting and more, please visit our services page for more detail.