About RevDev

What is the biggest challenge holding your
business back from achieving its goals? Can
you imagine a technical solution?

We can.

Our Core Team

Dustin Rawlins

Dustin founded RevDev in 2013 with the view of building a unique type of IT company. He has served as the Managing Director, leading the team in Mongolia, ever since.

Dustin has 20 years of experience in the information technology sector, having completed number of complex, multi-million dollar projects in the extractive resources and financial services sector across Africa and Asia. Prior to RevDev, Dustin served at the lead IT Project Manager at Sasol, South Africa’s largest energy and petrochemical company. Dustin is known for his steady hand and expertise with data management and dashboards.

Dustin holds degrees in Business Management and Information Systems Management from Rhodes University, where he graduated with honours. Dustin also holds a number of technical certifications in project management and business analysis.

Enkhtsetseg Sukhbaatar

Enkhtsetseg (Enkhee) joined RevDev back in 2013. She is RevDev’s Vice President, where she responsible for sales and leadership of the project management team.

Enkhee has more than 20 years of experience in the financial services and information technology sector. Prior to joining RevDev she held a number of senior roles in large commercial banks where she specialized in implementing project at the intersection of finance and technology.

Enkhee holds a Masters degree in Applied Finance from the University of Melbourne. She also holds a Business Analytics certificate from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

Clair Dally

Clair joined the RevDev team in 2018 and currently oversees the South Africa office.

Clair has more than 17 years of experience in the information technology sector, where she has implemented a number of large projects focused on mining, agriculture, energy and financial services. She is an expert in SAP, Jira, Confluence and IsoMetrix software environments.

Clair holds advanced technical certifications as a project manager and a scrum master.

What We Do

RevDev is a full suite IT service provider. We deliver hardware and software solutions that exceed expectations, tailored to your needs and budget.

Business owners and senior executives turn to RevDev when they:

  • Have trouble visualizing their data or seeing the trends affecting their various business units. This often happens after a period of rapid growth.
  • Have suffered a compliance failure, a safety incident or quality control (QA/QC) non-conformance that has put their bottom line at risk.
  • Are seeking to reduce or minimize their exposure to non-compliance, security or safety risks.
  • Are frustrated with business units or staff members not following the standardized procedures required for compliance and quality control.
  • Are getting unreliable or unclear data from business units that paper-based and/or manual measurement (Microsoft Office) systems, where human error can skew results.
  • Want to seamlessly integrate the egacy hardware and software systems their company has accumulated over time, so that every part of the systems speak to every other part.
  • Are tired of other IT service providers overcharging and underdelivering.

We provide a full range of IT business solutions - from web development, data analytics and mobile applications to security systems and Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) management software. We operate worldwide and have offices in three countries – Mongolia, South Africa and the United Kingdom.

RevDev continues to grow and expand because we are different from the competition:

  • It is personal. We are run by our founders and we behave like our lives depend on the success of your project.
  • We have a wide range of partners, but we are “vendor agnostic”, allowing us to provide the best fit products and solutions for your specific problem.
  • Cost - we never compromise on quality, but our operating model allows us to deliver projects at rates that are very competitive.
  • We work with our clients to help them grow. They rarely leave us.
  • We work with a wide array of businesses, from one one-person consulting services to large multinational corporations.